The Universal Symbol for Family and marriage

This is the first registered universal symbol for family and marriage ever created. This Symbol is a family crest for the human race. It is also a logo(TUFF logo) that represents and is derived from the actual Universal Family Flag. This is the worlds first universal symbol for family and marriage called the "TUFF LOGO". We belive the family unit is the living kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. This is a family crest specifically designed for the human race, as humanity itself is inspired by Jehovah God who created the earth in six days and rested. This universal symbol for family represents the inalienable soverinty of the only form of government that has direct authorization by God to rule over the earth, and is based on love. This illustration represents that more perfect union that should exist between divinity and humanity.

The Universal Family Flag Logo (R)

This symbol is a compact representation of the TUFF flag designed for illustrating the spiritual and moral building blocks of the human family. This symbol will also have commercial usage in multiple applications, for the sole purpose of restoring the historic and prophetic significance of the family.

The meaning of this icon is explained with the color key below. This symbol transcends any national symbol for family, for it is the single, stand alone and official international symbol for family in existence.

This symbol will function in the commercial market place as a quality standard and logo on affiliate products that are conducive for galvanizing and restoring the universal nuclear families around the world. This symbol and logo will also be a quality symbol for representing humanities care and concern for the environment and habitat in which the human family incubates in. This symbol is the universal and international family crest for the entire human race.

This Logo is also the first and only universal symbol for family and race. Yes race! this is the universal symbol for one race, and one race only,the human race. This is the universal symbol for humanity, and the universal symbol for life.

When this glyph and logo was created I had no idea that it would be a huge history maker by inventing the very first universal symbol for family. It was not realized till after one year had passed that this is what in fact had occurred by inadvertent providential circumstances.

I must admit, that this universal symbol for family struck me with consternation in realizing that this had never been done before. This is really crazy when we consider that marriage and family is not a new concept.

I was thinking to myself, "Why is there not in existence a recognizable universal symbol for family already?"? The absent of which did not make any sense whatsoever. I even thought it silly not to. I am even startled by this discovery. After all, it only is the life blood of everything on earth as it relates to the human existence.

This universal symbol for family is also the universal symbol for parenthood and sibling-hood. This is the universal symbol for fatherhood, motherhood, brotherhood and sisterhood. Before the existence of this symbol, humanity was languishing for an adequate and dynamic symbol for what and why the world was made.

I would also go so far as to say that this senseless absence and neglect is a systemic indicator of a larger issue concerning family deterioration. And this lack of such a symbol is just one more portent that we heterosexuals are destroying marriage and family at a greater intensity and at a broader scope than any other subgroup of society.

The calculated heterosexual destruction and erosion of the family and marriage institution has to be turned back in our own marriages and families. More destruction to the nuclear marriage and family happens in the marriage, family and home than anyone single place in the world. We have somehow forged the notions of point the finger at every other subgroup of destruction besides ourselves.

What Irony! We heterosexuals parents are training our own children to destroy these very institutions in there own homes with even greater efficacy for future generations, than the previous generations. This would explains why there is not even one symbol that illustrates why and how all human families are of the same race. I will go deeper into this issue at a later time with a book called, "The Universal Family Flag."

The entire glyph or symbol represents unity, distinction and diversity in the roles and by the life of each member of the nuclear and human family. The Green letter “U” symbolizes the father as the foundation (base of the “U“) The two arms of the “U” tells of the fathers constant support as pillars reaching up to heaven for support and reliance and balance of his universal family.

This symbol as well as the actual T.U.F.F. Flag is the purest symbol for heaven on earth represented by family and marriage.

The father is the pillar and ground of the truth represented by the mother (blue truth) concerning his family. Put another way the father is the pillar, cradle and foundation of the family only when he conscientiously plans to be connected to his family for time and eternity.

The support of the father for his family is not only for time but for eternity. The father is the cradle for the truth (mother) represented by the wife in the color blue. This adds up to a living insurance policy that can't be beat for family and society. I like to look at the family as the most superior and ultimate universal family insurance one could have. The government of this family is more like a kingdom that a democracy. The Mother father and children are a royal heritage and citizenry.

The portion of the logo that is blue is called the heart of the symbol and glyph. The father is the cradle of mercy and integrity represented by the son and daughter. When the father lives out this role represented by this green letter "U" his existence turns the family unit into a cradle of love civility and productivity. This is how you know that you are a T.U.F.F. father. As a man nourishes his heart so does the father nourishes his wife that truth may be a guide to the rest of the body of the family.

The golden yellow border also tells of how God never forgets all of his loved creation, living and dead. It illustrates how he seeks for the total atonement of the human family relationships into a eternal love bond. The golden border carries the similar concept of tying a yellow ribbon around a tree for a loved one that is missing from the family circle in hopes that he or she may return.

The fathers of the universal families mantra can be described as deliberately aimed at impacting multiple generations. He is a now and a future minded man. This father is diversified in four areas. Spiritual, physical, temporal and eternal. And the four applications of this type of diversification is dynastic in nature.

This type of father will instill into the hearts and minds of his children a legacy that will perpetuate itself in the lives of his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. These principles will truly revive the true meaning of father, grandfather and great grandfather. Notice how the mother is the heart of the family (blue).

The mothers placement in the Logo symbolizes love and life and truth. The blue signifies the true heart of The Universal Family Flag mother. The mother in the logo is the guts of the family and humanity as seen in the biblical account that the woman was taken form inside the man right over the heart. This is not to say that the man of himself has no guts without being connected with a woman, but rather that the connection is inseparable as a rule for humanity to exist and thrive.

This metaphor is specifically applicably to the family as a unit. In many ways she is the delicate, yet strong core component of the family,husband and civilization. The two F’s (red and purple) stand for the "future" posterity of the sons and daughters of the universal family. The golden yellow border represents the presence of God’s golden rule on earth as it is in heaven. His acknowledged presence is the only thing that can keep the family together.

This symbol is also the universal symbol for diversity in the functionality of the family structure as well as humanity.

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