What is The Universal Family Flag, and what does it mean?

The Universal Family Flag

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The Universal Family FlagĀ®

"The Greatest Flag In The World"

Hello, I am Louis Thomas. Welcome to the introduction of a unique flag called "The Universal Family Flag" and what I have coined "The Greatest Flag In The World". This is the greatest flag in the world for two reasons. This flag represents the two greatest institutions in the world, marriage and family. These are the two reasons that makes the TUFF flag the greatest flag in the world. This family flag is the rarest kind of banner flag in the world. I am also the creator of the worlds first universal symbol for family and marriage called the "TUFF Logo" or TUFF symbol. In this flag one can also see the universal symbol for man and woman as well as boy and girl.

There is not on record in the annals of history a universal symbol or flag representing humanity as one race and one family, as this flag and symbol does. Ask yourself have you ever even heard of such a thing as this? Your answer will be a resounding no. Kind of crazy isn't it? the most important of covenants and governments that exist on earth and there has not been a universal flag and symbol for the family and marriage till now. The universal family flag and the universal symbol for family are also the universal representations for humanity and life. Everything that is vital for the family are what these tools stand for.

Think about it for a moment? What government or institution that you can call to mind that is as ubiquitous as marriage and family, that has, a will survive every alternative form of government under heaven and does not have it's own symbol and flag as does family and marriage? If we believe that marriage,family and humanity is as important as we often say. Like any other institutions of greatness they should be tastefully represented by a symbol and flag specifically for representing their greatness and supremacy.

Can you think of any government that has infiltrated, and has been infiltrated by ever other alternative government and still remains resilient enough to survive the rise and fall of every form of government for thousands of years? There is not another government that is as universal as that of family and marriage. The concept and reality of family is not only universal for time, but also for eternity.

Should not these two most powerful institutions in the world be recognized for the enduring power and universal appeal? Yes! they should. For this propose we now have a flag and symbol that is long over due for this glorious and historic occasion in time.

The universal Family flag and the universal symbol for family is illustrating the nuclear family of faith led by the faithful and truthful mother and father as the King And Queen of the human race, as God had proscribed at the beginning of the creation of man. This arrangement set in place that heavenly order of God for the building up of multi generational dynastic faithfulness to the infrastructure principles of the "Kingdom Of God".

This is a flag that has a strong focus on generational family faithfulness. The human family is designed to be the family of God on earth. The nature of this family is to be heavenly in character and purpose. I have been developing this very unique flag for over three years and am now ready to debut this wonderful icon to the world as a witness to the living Kingdom Of God in the from of the family. This is the official universal flag for family.

The Universal is not in the traditional sense Representative of a specifically religious organization or denomination. However, as it relates to the family that is producing the world with multi generational faithfulness to God in the home first. I am often asked if this is a symbol that represent a religion or a denomination, but it not that. But family in and of itself based on its origins in the garden of Eden originally base upon pure spirituality religion in the strictest biblical sense.

We also have inadvertently manage to invent the very first universal symbol for family. By the way, I was shocked to discover that this has never been done before. I wounder why it took so long for this to come about. If you think you know the answer please share it with me and I will post it on this website. I will pick the best answers.

It seem like this should have been in existence for thousand of years already.

The universal family flag symbol is a abbreviation of the actual flag in the form of a logo (T.U.F.F. Logo). I am very excited to be able to share with you this wonderful creation that is sure to add deeper meaning to our concept of family. The hope for the flag and logo is to turn the hearts of the family members back to the nuclear family model.

This is a flag that will help pin point our focus on the most important institution in life, the family and marriage. This family flag is designed to raise the standard of what all Families from around the world should be in desire and purpose. Since the current ensigns have not done the job of taking particular interest in all the families of earth, here is a little flag that does.

There are many flags in the world already. Do we need another flag? To this question I would say. If there is not a flag that portrays family unity transcending ethnicity and geographic boundaries to promotes the improvement of the ecology as the highlight, And the family as the kingdom of God on earth, then I would say, "Yes".

"Yes we do need this flag." Usually patriotic flags divide and exclude, This ensign is truly patriotic to family core values. The universal families, all over the world, are ready to pledge their allegiance to each other and God. Man creating flags is an art, God making families is a divine science; we have to let God do it His way.

Everything that is portrayed in the universal family flag is an symbol that adds value to the families and gives it influence in the world. The Universal Family Flag is a international flag that represents all of the family on the planet in a general way. This is an icon that is designed to improve the quality of life all over the world, and in the life to come.

This creation is the ultimate symbol of peace on earth. It is self-evident that if there is not peace on the earth among humans there really is no peace at all. Nature can not have peace if man does not thirst for peace. This peace can only come from God. You can truly say that this is an invention that transcends the scope of every other flag that has been created.

One can truly refer to the universal family flag in other terms, for instance, this flag can be called the peace flag, or the flag of hope. It can also be called the flags of different countries in one. There are families all around the world who aspire to the standard and the vision of what this flag represents. This is the reason this icon can be flown on flagpoles along side all flags around the world as an icon and hope for what families can be no matter the religious persuasion or the walk of life.

We are in dire need of Having a deeper vision for our families. Because where there is no vision the people (human families) will parish. And that is exactly what is going on now.

The universal family flag is not specifically an American flag, but it has origins in America (that is where I am from). The inspiration behind this family motivator is to give hope and vision to improve our families so that we may, in every country galvanize the human race, no matter what our national origins may be. The purpose of this flag is not to exalt one national flag above another but rather to inspire and exalt families all over the world. The family is the ultimate super power.

He lifts men from the narrow circle that their selfishness prescribes; He abolishes all territorial lines and artificial distinctions of society. He makes no difference between neighbors and strangers, friends and enemies. He teaches us to look upon every needy soul as our neighbor and the world as our field. Mount of blessings page 42

If you have any additional questions call 815-929-1988 ask for Louis.

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